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Maid full time

Apnibaai.com understands that life is been very busy these days and people usually don’t get enough time to do the household works. So, we are here to serve you with our best of maid services. We have done a depth research by visiting the individual and organizations to know and understand the needs of the market in terms of maid services. This is an ongoing process and we do this exercise on regular intervals to serve the people at their utmost satisfactions.

People expect a common set of value and skill sets when they hire a maid for their home or offices. Apnibaai.com has always focused on the values and behavior of our maids. We want to assure you that whenever you hire a maid from apnibaai.com, you will receive the following values from newly hired maid:

  • Trained Maid: All the Apnibaai maids go through a specific training program to provide the best services for your home and offices. We have a dedicated team of experts who trained our maids and make them aware about the dos and don’ts of the society. We help our maids to brush-up the maid's skill-set of cooking, hygienic work attitudes, honesty, punctuality, empathy, and etiquettes.
  • Medically fit and certified: We at Apnibaai.com understand that everyone wants a healthy and hygienic maid because they are the one who are close to your kitchens and other things. All our maids are gone through a proper medical checkup and also certified by a regular medical officer.
  • Verified by the Local Police Station: Our maids are verified by the local police stations and have gone through a proper background check. We know that reliability and security is also one of the important points when we hire a maid for our households. We follow a thorough verifications process suggested by the local police.