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Apnibaai.com provides the babysitting services for the parents who want an extra care in upbringing of their child. Our babysitting services are well known for the quality of people and reliability of the services. We have a team of experienced babysitters who are in the industry for many years. Our babysitters are well educated and come from a good family background. This ensures us that their company will provide a good result on your child's growth.

We understand that babysitting is job which requires a much disciplined person as it is the matter of a child behavior and his/her future. We are fully aware that babysitting is a child care service and requires a person who is caring and loving. We also understand that it is a job that requires a lot of patience. To meet the job requirement of babysitting, we do a depth research and filter the professionals amongst many.

Apnibaai.com has placed many babysitters to the different class of families ranging from the upper class family to Middle middle class families. We provide following type of work for babysitting services which are varies from:

  • Watching a sleeping child.
  • Changing diaper.
  • Playing games with the child.
  • Preparing meals for the child.
  • Teaching the child to read, etc.

This depends on the agreement between the parents and babysitter professionals. Some of our babysitters have completed their babysitting courses focusing on child safety and first aid appropriate for infants and children.

So, you are a just a call/mail away to get the right care for your child. Apnibaai.com is always ready to serve you with the best of its services.