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About Us

In 21st century, we all are very busy with our day-to-day activity and left with no time to manage our household things with our other works. From leaving bed in morning till going back to bed at night, we left with so many other works that requires a good management. Sometime this cause mental pressure and financial loss too. In this fast moving age where we all are working together to make our life better and smooth, we require someone who can take care of our household works. A trustworthy full or part time maid is the right solution of this problem.

So the question arises here is who is that much trustworthy for your household things? Because, he or she is the person, who will be going to take care of your households in your absence. Here you need someone on whom you can trust. Apnibaai.com is one of the leading service providers of Maid, Baby-sitters, peons, office Boys, and drivers in Delhi & NCR for your homes and offices.

Our maids are properly verified by our experienced team and also verified by the respective police stations of your areas. We, at Apnibaai.com take great care of our clients and thus we provide a proper training to the maids to adjust with your type environment. Our goal is to provide the best maid support services to our customer with complete customer satisfaction. Customer safety is the prime concern of our services. Our maids are dedicated towards their work with good behavior and proper time management.

When we allow our staffs to access your homes or offices, we keep in mind your total safety. We assure you that our staffs are totally reliable. We always maintain a detailed and brief information and record of our maids, baby-sitters, Peons, Office Boys, and Drivers for future enquiry purposes. Our services are best with its quality management of maid services at very competitive price.

At Apnibaai.com, we are committed to total quality service and customer satisfaction. All our services are properly managed by skilled and experienced members who are always ready to help you and to resolve all your queries. We provide a well managed work phase controlled and managed by experienced members. All the staffs at Apnibaai.com undergo for training to ensure quality of the services. All the staffs of Apnibaai.com are medically fit and healthy as we take special care of our staffs and clients both. Our staffs are prepared after a proper medical assessment.

Apnibaai.com provides following services to its clients to the different verticals of the society:

  • Maid (Full/Part time) services for Home, Apartments, Flats, Bungalow, etc.
  • Baby-sitters for working mothers.
  • Peons for small and large businesses.
  • Office boys for corporate industries.
  • Drivers for organizations and Individuals.

Do not think any more, you are just one click/call away to get a house maid for your household works. Our maid service desk is always ready to help you personally.